Fun House

MaxMart Funhouse offers a memorable, exciting and unique fun-filled experience for children in a clean, healthy and very safe environment. Parents relax and leave the stress of birthday parties to us! From party decor to food and drinks, we provide them all and at a good price.
We run after school educative programs with special activities such as creative arts and crafts, phonics, piano lessons, bead making, reading club and many more.           

Our Program

January 16th - Costume Day – Wear your own Disney costume. 

February 14th - Friendship Day (Dress alike with your best friend) Give each other gifts and friends competition.

March 6th - Traditional and Unity Day. (Dress Indian, African, Lebanese, Chinese, American) – Where you come from.

March 26th - Easter Holidays (Egg Hunt Race. Dress like Easter Bunny (MASCOT)

March 28th - Easter Bash

May 1st - Fun and Career Day (What is your favorite profession? Dress like that and have fun)

May 8th - Mother’s Day

June 1st - Summer School Registration

July - Ramadan Children's Party

August - Summer School

September - Summer School

December 5th - December Holiday Bash, Christmas program and Party

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